Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth has been shown to work faster than all other natural treatments. Coconut oil has been in the media over the last decade for the benefits it gives to the thyroid, liver, the digestive tract, for its ability to lower and stabilize blood sugar. No one ever expected it to help grow hair. The medical industry was amazed over how it helped so many medical problems that they ignored how it could help a cosmetic issue such as hair loss in both men and in women.

It was only time before coconut oil for hair growth would be tried. People were already applying it to their skin as a moisturizer. I suppose someone figured out if it can moisturize my skin, then it can moisturize my scalp and from there the hair growing properties of coconut oil were found. This is how most discoveries are found, from people just trying things and then more people trying it, then it becomes common knowledge. There are also stories about people with both body and scalp psoriasis using coconut oil to improve their unhealthy and often shaming skin condition that they have and have to deal with.

Why exactly does coconut oil work for hair growth and why should you use coconut oil for hair growth?

There is not much conclusive evidence why coconut oil works for hair growth. Many in the research field have speculated about how the anti-fungal nature and lubricating nature of coconut oil is what causes it to grow hair. It is believed that it promotes a healthier scalp and it gives hair follicles an ideal environment to grow healthy hair and that this is what causes the hair growing properties of coconut oil. It isn’t magic but simple science: provide an ideal environment and you will get superior results.

Should you use coconut oil?

Yes, you should use it. It has so many great properties. I believe you should supplement it in your diet, use it on you skin, use it on your scalp and use it in your hair. It’s a great all around topical moisturizer and it also has great health benefits.

If you want to promote a healthy scalp and have shiny and healthy hair, then you should use coconut oil. It isn’t heavy, it lasts, it is natural, it doesn’t use heavy metal and it is safe.

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